Error Margins

by Error Margins

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released April 28, 2017

Engineered by Ben Robertson at Common Era Sound.
Mixed by Chris Brownbill at Underground Audio.
Mastered by James Plotkin.

Tom Jenkins - vocals, guitar, synth
Sophie Benjamin - vocals, guitar
Ben Robertson - bass
Damian Coward - drums



all rights reserved


Error Margins Melbourne, Australia

Tom, Sophie, Damian. Loud and angry music from Melbourne.

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Track Name: Gatwick House
I Never paid no donation to the church,
Just six years of private school fees
no rent without the hurt,
Of a depleting welfare payment
getting lost, through a sieve.
I've got a concrete bed to lay on
and a lullaby where derelictors live

I’m living down where the palm trees have it hard,
Where new owners don’t check their boundaries,
They still invest capital in a yard.
And don’t fret, well they’ll be making laws for that tripe too
But if they just let me be free tonight,
I’ll sit here and solve the world’s problems with you

Men in four wheel drives, flinging darts on the street -
They look down on me.

Houses that wreak shadows on the esplanade
Are worth more than I will ever be

Tabloid cameras that shoot in, from the street
They will wait for me

And the reason that I’m still alive, or breathing here
Vale, Queen Vicky
Track Name: A4
66, like that'll fool the tourists!
There was never ever ever ever ever anything to see

Shredded, shredded, never maintained

66, oh you think a re-brand will do it?
After years of saying there was never ever ever anything to see

Shredded, shredded, never maintained

It's too far north, forget it
Shredded, shredded, never maintained
Track Name: Malady
If they lay rebar on the sand of the fifth biggest isle in their land
A five night package cheap piss and a generous discount on baggage
Off the shores, kick up your feet, see the new bar, we can go down and meet.

Voices get lost in the night
and the night gets drowned out
by sea.

I’ll sit here and wait for my swansong,
While we’re stuck here in custody,
Till then they will drown out the voices
All that’s left is acute malady

There’s a small headland just west of Lombrum
You could hide lorengau just out of the sun.

Could I swim hear what they have to say
Or will perceptions lead me astray?
And right now I’m just so suspicious
About the conditions that come along with this.
Voices get lost in the forests
and forests get drowned out by the sea.

I’ll sit here and wait for my swansong,
While I’m here custody,
Till then they will drown out the voices
All that’s left is acute malady
Track Name: Post Boom
A whistling kite flies over the carpark
When I was a kid it used to be a farm
Now it's an asphalt-ringed big box on the edge of town
It happened in 1997, happened back in the 80s
But everyone's forgotten
Short memories when you're in and out

"You can't stop progress!" Gerry said
Turns out he was right
Now you've got draglines twinkling every night

So the hi-viz tides went out, taking the women, the children, the nurses, the hairdressers and all their money with them
All the pits filled, all the lines stopped, all the doors closed
Nothing sadder than an empty strip club in a country town

"You can't stop progress!" Gerry said
He was right, but this wasn't what he meant
And now, this town is how it used to be

This town is how it used to be
Track Name: Vision Skims
Walking down Edgeware road
toward the night, fluorescent light
attacks my sight I see through time.
I see through time

Come-to in shock an IV drop
Can’t help but trace my moving plot
I can’t recall, I can’t recall
My eyes are stone, I’m signing out

Cross check and lock fly out to sea.
the half filled lot fly out to sea
Sit down to read, fly out to sea
try putting off the chemistry.

Vision skims like severed film roll
Constant focus realignment
I wake with a green whistle
Checking my pulse for compliance

Confusion in a bread aisle,
A tomograph technician
100 ml of Septra
A 6 month driving prohibition